Who Are We?


DSCF0086.jpgThe Paulerspury Players is a long established community group based in Paulerspury, South Northants. It is a Membership Organisation dedicated to presenting various forms of live entertainment and in doing so raising funds for local causes. Paulerspury Players is inclusive and anyone over the age of 8 is welcome to join; there is no upper limit! Our Members come from all walks of life and a wide range of professions. Some Members have stayed with the group from the very beginning, enjoying the friendship and social benefits of working together on our various projects, whilst others join because they like the idea of taking part in one or more of our events.

Responsibility for the organisation and strategic decisions are made by our Committee which meets regularly to plan events and deal with management and legal requirements. Committee members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting in September.

Meet-The-Gang.jpgMembership is meant to be enjoyable rather than a chore. Players can derive the benefits they seek without being tied to any long-running or life changing routine. Having said that, the work involved in preparing, setting up and running an event can be quite intense, but it is only over a fairly short time period so the commitments can usually be managed within normal lifestyles. Almost everyone remarks after a show: “what on earth will we do now”? There can be a lot of excitement drawn from being involved in a show and some ‘withdrawal symptoms’ afterwards!

Typical of the events we organise and present are: pantomimes; plays; murder mystery dinners; medieval banquets; musical variety shows; and folk and country music evenings. We also host shows by visiting groups. Each event is budgeted to make a profit or at least break even and we often target the proceeds towards a particular cause. We also try to manage our finances to maintain a healthy bank balance, unlike many other drama groups.

1973944_257503557744617_1439568102_oOur productions afford members opportunities – if they so wish – to act, sing, perform music, dance, present, choreograph, direct, design, fund-raise, and/or to support the production by carrying out one or more of the numerous tasks backstage – from make-up to set building and scene shifting. Our activities are only limited by our members’ ideas and energy, and being able to identify a willing director and production team.

There are also opportunities for our members to do things purely for themselves, including visits to other shows, social and musical gatherings, play readings and some pretty amazing New Year’s Eve parties.

Come and join in the fun.


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