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Beauty and the Beast Poster Our pantomimes occur every year during the spring half term. They are always very popular with the public and involve several areas of the community.

Take a look at our past productions page to see what pantomimes we’ve done and visit  our picture gallery to see some of the crazy and endearing characters we have portrayed over the years. If you go to our future events page and News section – you will be able to see what we are planning next ( as soon as we know ourselves) !




Our plays usually occur at least once a year, mostly in the October half term. They range from serious to farce and show our range of skills to the full.


We have done murder mysteries at a number of different venues for varying party sizes. From a short, two hour mystery at a retirement village dinner to a full blown weekend at a luxurious hotel in Bournemouth, we have produced mysteries to suite all tastes and occasions.

We can arrange a Murder Mystery event for any function that you may want to put on. For a small donation we can make any event you put on go with a swing, or a fall, or a number of gruesome deaths.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you.


Our mediaeval banquets have created stories that have entered Paulerspury legend. People are still talking about the last one in August 2011!If you ask us nicely, we may even do another one!


In addition to our actual acting events, we are also quite a sociable bunch and we try and arrange the odd social activity to bring everyone together whether to reminisce about recent events or simply talk about what we have all been up to.

Most social events usually take place in or around Paulerspury as we like to support as many local places as possible.

We meet annually to watch our Pantomime video and re-live those crazy few months and sometimes we have musical evenings just for the sheer joy of enjoying ourselves. As we are a charity and a voluntary group, all members are free to make suggestions about what we do and the social events are an ideal platform for this.

Please take a moment to view our presentation about what we do.

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