Over the years, a lot of hard work has been put in by Players’ members, families and friends.

There are two main purposes of Paulerspury Players:

  • to put on productions and
  • to make money for local causes.

I know that we all love putting on and participating in the productions and that is why all the hard work is taken on so enthusiastically. It is the “icing on the cake” that we can also benefit the community with the support of you, our audience. So to those of you who come every year and to those of you who are here for the first time – thank you for your support.

The enthusiasm and commitment of our casts, crews and audiences over the past years have enabled the Players to donate over £65,000 to the Village services and amenities. We are very proud of our achievements.

Chairperson 2014

Our healthy bank balance allows us to invest in new equipment and materials, also to plan and set up for a wide variety of productions and events. Provided audience numbers are achieved and shows run more or less to budget, Paulerspury Players makes a profit. We don’t always achieve what we plan but most of the time we are successful

In our accounting we make provision for amortisation of our capital spends on equipment, scenery, staging and suchlike so that over time our operation is sustainable. When we plan our events we usually have a funding target in mind, often a local organisation that needs help to finance an improvement or an equipment purchase. Realised profits are directed to pre-nominated funding targets and sometimes towards helping other local needs.

Our primary targets are Paulerspury Primary School Friends association, St James Church, The United Reform Chapel, and Paulerspury Village Hall. Other local causes have included Paulerspury Pre School and Towcester Door to Door. Over the years our members and helpers have included people closely associated with all these organisations, and it gives our Members great pleasure seeing the proceeds of our ventures put to good local use, particularly to the benefit of children at our primary school and pre-school.

Occasionally we are approached by other organisations in South Northants to assist with their fundraising or entertainments. These opportunities we happily consider as they offer us the facility to travel outside of our local performing area. Most of our shows are performed in Paulerspury Village Hall; some have been presented at St James Church and some in the Paulerspury URC Chapel, but we have also travelled far afield, taking a play to the Edinburgh Fringe; a Murder Mystery Weekend to Bournemouth; another to Witney; and variety to Northampton.

Major new investments and capital equipment purchases such as staging and lighting infrastructure have been part funded from our own profits, but would not have been possible without significant help in the form of grants from National Heritage, Awards For All, Northamptonshire Community Foundation and South Northants District Council. We are indebted to all of them for their help. Their investments have brought a great deal of benefit to the local community in the form of safer, better, working environments for Paulerspury Players, insight into our local heritage, and better conditions for our actors and our audiences.

Since starting in 1988, Paulerspury Players has donated over £65,000 to village causes, but more is needed for repair, refurbishment and to improve our valued village assets.

Paulerspury School£21,454
Village Hall£4,700
St James Church£5,050
Spinalls Field£1,300
Paulerspury Pre-school£1,912
Door to Door£345
Towcester Methodist Church£120
NS Blind Association£200
Tower Drive Day Centre£50
HOOLA animal Rescue£100
SN Community First Responders£200
Northampton Young Carers£500
Friends of Alderton Mount£400
Chestnut Club£100
Players Staging£8,500
Players Lighting bar & control desk£10,500
Players Keyboard£500
TOTAL TO THE COMMUNITY 1998-2014£65,531



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